qa verify

Management Dashboard

Quality management analysis for industrial scale C/C++ code

Developers don’t work in a bubble. It is important that development leads, architects, project managers and senior managers are also kept up to date about development.

QA-Verify provides developers and key stakeholders with access to analysis and data quality metrics throughout the entire project lifecycle. A client-server architecture and web-based interface combine the analysis strength and depth of QA-C and QA-C++ with team-sharing collaboration and broader quality management concepts.

Software quality metrics personalized for key stakeholders

QA-Verify uses a web-based interface to provide configurable reports over a client server architecture. This gives stakeholders comprehensive and clear diagnostic tools.

Data is aggregated from all of your analyzers to provide each stakeholder with personalized information. Software quality metrics are presented clearly with actionable next steps.

Customizable compliance criteria for new and legacy code

Almost every software application contains time tested legacy code which can cause problems when aiming to achieve full compliance. QA-Verify allows this proven legacy code to be used as a baseline, only highlighting diagnostics for new or changed code.

In addition to baseline diagnostic output, a detailed comparative view can be generated to assist individual developers.

Collaborative code inspection

QA-Verify makes it easy to fix bugs at the earliest stage of development. Code-centric examination incorporates automated coding issue detection, with a manual review of structure and intent.

Comprehensive, accurate diagnostics including coding compliance, defect detection, and other code quality objectives are visible to all developers for both current and previous versions. User-supplied commentary can also be added to annotate individual code lines and diagnostics.

Break coding standard rules safely

There are a number of legitimate reasons why compliance to all coding rules for a given standard might be infeasible. Hardware constraints, legacy code rewrite restrictions, and conflicting coding rules can all make full compliance difficult or even impossible.

QA-Verify provides a sophisticated system for dealing with compliance exceptions, enabling diagnostic suppressions for coding rules. Each deviation can be recorded with visualization of where and why the deviation has occurred.

This can be implemented for the entire code base, across files, or at a single diagnostic level. QA-Verify tracks all deviations and these can be passed on to future code versions.

Flexible Reporting

No matter what kind of report you need, QA-Verify has the flexibility to deliver.

Highly customizable reporting includes:

  • Evidence of coding standard compliance
  • A log of deviations
  • Code quality profiles according to various attributes
  • Overviews of historic metrics trends and outlier values for projects, files, functions, and classes

QA Verify report components are simple to combine and configure. All reports can be generated for older versions of a project to enable clear comparison.