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A wide network of QA Systems resellers and distributors offer our automated static analysis and software verification tools across the globe.

Anacom Eletronica

Since 1988, Anacom has offered products for the development of electronic projects of any scale. Supported by big companies in the electro-electronic industry, it’s portfolio includes worldwide renowned manufacturers like: Cadence Design, Keil, LPKF, Lauterback, ARM, and Kontron; all leaders in their own industries but also providers of new technologies to the market.

ANTYCIP Technologies

Within the Hensoldt Nexeya France group, ANTYCIP Technologies has successfully focused on the distribution and marketing of equipment and software for the electronics industry, along with software development tools for embedded systems, for over 25 years. Their tools are of interest to software R&D teams dealing with operational safety, cybersecurity, regulatory obligations, and scaling-up requirements, serving the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Medical, and Gaming industries.

Emdoor Electronic

Emdoor Electronic, founded in 2002, is the subsidiary corporation of Emdoor Group. As a well-known R&D software agency in China, Emdoor Electronic mainly focuses on R&D software distribution for 20 years and provides software training and technical support to R&D company. Over the past 20 years, Emdoor Electronic has already distributed more than 20 kinds of software, such as Altium, ARM, Ansys, QT, IncrediBuild, Greenhills, PLS, Ashling, Source Insight, and so on. Emdoor has a strong position in the Automotive, Industrial, and medical markets. Emdoor Electronic serves as a technology partner to many Tier 1 suppliers.


As an engineering and consulting company, Exceltic accelerates innovation of mobility and smart infrastructure products and services; Industry 4.0; energy transition, and digital transformation, making it easier for our customers to adopt new technologies. From operations to strategy, Exceltic enables flexibility, increases performance, and accelerates innovation, becoming a key partner for more than 100 customers.


GCOM Technologies is a professional test equipment agent in the communications field. Our growth goes alongside the rapid development of communications, so our service expanded from the earliest Modem, ISDN, SS7, xDSL, GSM, VoIP, WLAN, WCDMA, WiMAX to today’s LTE, Security, O-RAN, Automotive, GNSS, 5G, and LEO. Internet technologies in recent years have also forced domestic industry players to value the importance of communicating with foreign-related industries. GCOM Technologies provide customers with professional instrument products and market information consultation.

Meteonic Innovation

With over 14 years in business, Meteonic provides automation and integration solutions to simplify complex software development processes across SDLC and help develop quality and secure code with reduced cycle times for telecom, automotive, defense, aerospace, and healthcare companies. Sample clients are Mercedes, ABB, CISCO, LG, Accenture, IBM, WIPRO, and Infosys. Their ability to think and act from a 360-degree perspective enables them to keep business and end-user needs in mind, a required skill in the digital revolution of the IT industry.

Nohau Solutions

Founded in Sweden in 1981, Nohau has been supplying professional development solutions to Europe’s embedded industry ever since. Over 2000 organizations have found, through Nohau, solutions to reduce costs and increase quality in software development and testing for both: new tailored solutions for full development cycles, and specific solutions that complement existing environments. Their customer’s focus is on not only the functionality of their products, but also on the quality, safety, and security of them. This is their area of expertise.


Sightsys (a member of Telsys Group) is an Israeli company, specialises in development and testing tools for embedded systems for over 20 years. We provide innovative solutions for electronic and embedded system design, development, and test, acting as a value-added provider for development teams needing  high standard of technical understanding, as well as high-class customer support.


Techtrust is the Primary Distributor in India for QA Systems Products. Established in 2002 and based in Bangalore, they have developed a very wide client base in India. Techtrust specializes in the sales and support of Testing Tools in and is responsible for complete support, maintenance and training for Cantata. Techtrust’s emphasis on long-term customer satisfaction has enabled them to build good relationships with a large number of customers, including prominent software companies and Government Establishments in India.


Since its foundation, TEKTRONIK completed the installation of numerous high-quality hardware and software solutions for test laboratories, electronics, avionics, and defense industry, including COTS components as well as original design and systems integrations. Tektronik offers high-quality test solutions, hardware, and software. Among Tektronik’s customers, military organisations, governmental bodies, electronics production, and service companies, and medical, telecommunications, and defense companies could be listed.


As a leading provider of “measurement” solutions, TOYO Corporation has been contributing to technology innovations in diverse industries. Through a variety of business segments – ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Automobiles, Environment and Energy, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), Ocean Defense and Security, Software Development, Life Science, and Information Security, TOYO provide solutions in Japan and international markets.


An acronym for Voice, Video, Data, Network, VVDN is a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, digital services, and solutions. Specialized in 5G, Data Center, Networking & Wi-Fi, Vision, Automotive, IoT, Cloud & Apps, VVDN today has 10 Design centers, 7 Manufacturing plants in India, and a presence across the US, Canada, Europe, India, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. With over 10,000+ employees. VVDN Tools – Powered by VVDN Technologies, is a One-Stop Solution Provider for Multiple Embedded Products and Test Measuring Instruments.


Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co. Ltd established in 1997, provides embedded system testing products and services, the testing and selection services of electronic components, health management data service platforms, wireless broadband multimedia command systems, as well as intelligent energy, intelligent traffic, intelligent buildings and city security products and services, among others. The Company mainly operates businesses in domestic market.

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