Andreas Sczepansky in management team at QA Systems

Andreas Sczepansky


Following his training as a communications technician, Andreas studied Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen. Upon graduating, he joined Tasking Software Germany (now part of Altium), where he worked in support for embedded software development tools. In 1992, he moved to CAD-UL in Ulm, selling software tools for embedded systems. He was appointed as Director of Marketing and Sales at CAD-UL in 1994 and established a successful global sales network. In 1996, Andreas founded QA Systems GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany.

Jürgen Triep in management team at QA systems

Jürgen Triep


After graduating with a business degree, Jürgen started his professional career in 1990 as a trainee with Messer Griesheim, followed by a two-year posting to Hungary. He switched to the IT sector by way of Parametric Technology and subsequently played a decisive role in the setting up and expansion of Rational Software GmbH, where he held various positions, until being appointed Managing Director in 2001. Rational was taken over by IBM in 2003. Following this, he became Managing Director for the German operations of Agitar and Coverity. He has extensive knowledge of software development and, in particular, unit testing and static code analysis. In 2010 Jürgen was appointed Managing Director of QA Systems GmbH.

Matt Davis in management team at QA systems

Matt Davis


Matt started his professional career in software quality assurance at IPL - a leading independent UK software and systems house. As a qualified software auditor, he worked for 5 years on multi-million pound projects from business critical telecoms to safety critical systems. Since 1996 he developed and globally marketed embedded unit and integration testing solutions for a diverse range of business safety-critical customers. He left IPL as Products Partner Manager to join QA Systems with the acquisition of the testing products business unit in 2012. In 2015 Matt was appointed Managing Director of QA Systems Ltd.

Pierre-Henri Stanek in management team at QA systems

Pierre-Henri Stanek


Having graduated with an MSc in Electronics and Business, Pierre-Henri started his professional career in 1998 at Attol Testware SA., one of the first Independent Software Vendors to offer professional testing solutions for safety-critical software. Subsequent years were spent contributing to the technical adoption and sales promotion of dynamic software testing solutions at Rational Software Inc., IBM Inc. and Wind River Inc. There, he enabled sales teams and participated in industrial testing solution deployments at major players of the Telecom, Aerospace, Defence and Automotive markets. In 2013, Pierre-Henri Stanek was appointed as Country Manager of QA Systems France and Cantata Product Manager.

Country Manager QA Systems Italien.

Luca Foglia


Luca has many years of experience in embedded systems, further focused in the field of critical software systems and security. He took the first steps of his career at engineering departments of Olivetti group companies, then held managerial positions at market leading companies, such as TASKING BV (now part of the Altium group) and iSYSTEM AG, acquiring a widespread knowledge of the Italian market in the sector and consolidating over the years partnerships with leading firms of the territory. In 2015 Luca was hired by QA Systems GmbH, holding the role of Country Manager in Italy.