QA Systems’ Cantata Unit and Integration Testing Tool Integrated with Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger


QA Systems Cantata now supports Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Debugger. This integration will facilitate the full automation of testing practices such as verification, code coverage and traceability for debugging compiled code on embedded applications.

Lauterbach is one of the world’s largest producers of modular microprocessor development tools and embedded debuggers. Cantata’s powerful unit and integration testing capabilities can be used with most compilers and with any embedded architecture supported by Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Debugger. Cantata can be used with all supported TRACE32 features such as JTAG debuggers and instruction set simulators to test embedded systems.

TRACE32 is fully integrated with Cantata’s run process and provides full test result coverage from the target application. Cantata’s Eclipse UI can be used to set coverage levels for instrumenting applications and configure the debugger using Lauterbach’s PRACTICE commands. Cantata enables developers to easily verify standard compliant code on embedded target and host native platforms. It is already integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains, from cross-compilers and IDEs to requirements management and continuous integration tools.

Cantata Product Manager Pierre-Henri Stanek said “We are really pleased to announce this integration which Lauterbach’s TRACE32Debugger. This will provide our customers with powerful debugging techniques which can be used in combination with Cantata’s advanced test capabilities”

Developers working in Cantata with TRACE32 can build and run instrumented code from the Cantata Eclipse IDE, which will be automatically uploaded in TRACE32, and execution traces collected back from the target memory. Coverage results from the source file will be viewable in the Cantata Coverage Viewer, providing users with traceable logic statements and details of met conditions. Tests can also be easily associated with requirements using Cantata’s Trace view.

About Lauterbach
Lauterbach is the leading manufacturer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools worldwide with experience in the field of embedded designs since 1979. It is an international, well-established company with blue chip customers in every corner of the globe and has a close working relationship with all semiconductor manufacturers. At the headquarters in Höhenkirchen, near Munich, the engineering team develops and produces highly proficient and specialized Development Tools, which are utilized all over the world under the brand TRACE32®. Our branch offices exist in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Tunisia, on the east and west coasts of the United States, Japan and China. Highly qualified sales and support engineers are also available in many other countries. For more information visit

About Cantata
Cantata is a unit and integration software testing tool, enabling developers to verify standard compliant or business critical C/C++ code on embedded target and host native platforms. Cantata is integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains, from cross-compilers to requirements management and continuous integration tools.  The Eclipse GUI, tight tool integrations, highly automated C/C++ test cases generation, all make Cantata easy to use. Find out more about Cantata for automated unit and integration testing

About QA Systems
QA Systems’ fundamental goals are to accelerate and improve software development. Operating on a global scale, QA Systems has over 350 blue-chip customers, spanning a range of industries, including aerospace & defence, automotive, healthcare and railways. The company supplies and supports its own tools, in addition to carefully selected products from strategic business partners, for static or dynamic testing, requirements engineering, architectural analysis and software metrics.