Ralf Schneeweiß

In several projects, before and during his freelance work, Ralf Schneeweiß acquired profound knowledge in the practical use of C and C++ on several operating systems. In addition to the practical knowledge, he has also mastered the theoretical basics of these programming languages. In 1989 he learned C and developed in the university area. With C++, Mr. Schneeweiß came into contact with object-oriented programming for the first time in 1990 and has followed the development of this technique ever since. The first contact with Java took place in 1997 and at the same time the internalisation of pattern-oriented software development.

Since 1990 his professional career took place across many IT projects besides his studies. He first delivered professional training in 1995 for C, C++, some older programming languages, application programs and Lotus Notes. Mr. Schneeweiß has undertaken many freelance projects since 1995, becoming a full-time freelance consultant in 1998.



+49 (0) 711 138183-0